8 Signals That You’re Going to Have a Heart Attack

Heart attacks are a terrifying thing, especially because it’s often difficult to predict when and who a heart attack will strike. But there’s no need to live in constant fear that you’ll be the next victim of this cardiovascular episode, not if you keep an eye out for some key signals.

Here are 8 signs that you might be at risk of a heart attack in about a month:

1. Abdominal Pain

doctor treats woman with stomachache

If you’ve been noticing your stomach is upset recently (this can be nausea, pain, or even bloating) this could be a sneaky red flag. Abdominal pains before a heart attack have an episodic nature, meaning they ease off and then returning for short periods of time.

2. Insomnia

Woman stays up in bed unable to sleep.

Struggling to fall asleep, maintain sleep, or waking up unusually early could be signs of insomnia. Insomnia is also associated with an increased risk of a heart attack or stroke, especially among women. Anxiety and absentmindedness are also symptoms of chronic insomnia.

3. Unusual Fatigue

Tired woman asleep at messy desk

Feeling tired, even if you’re getting a full night’s sleep? This unusual fatigue is one of the main symptoms that indicates an impending heart attack.

Fatigue like this doesn’t have to be caused by physical or mental activity, and it will increase towards the end of the day. Take note if it’s sometimes exhausting to perform simple tasks, like making a bed or taking a shower.

4. Hair Loss

One of the most visible signs of heart disease is losing hair on the crown of your head. This most commonly affects men over 50, but some women may also be in the risk group.

5. Irregular Rhythms

Image of pressure point.

Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) or tachycardia (increased heart rate) can happen abruptly and often lasts for 1-2 minutes. If it doesn’t fade, you might feel dizziness and extreme fatigue, in which case you should call the doctor right away.

6. Loss of Breath

Dyspnea, or breathlessness, is a strong feeling of being unable to draw a deep breath; often you’ll feel tired and dizzy, as well. This sign affects both men and women for up to six months before a heart attack.

7. Unusual Perspiration

Man losing breath.

Often associated with women going through menopause, these hot flashes could be signaling something much worse. Take note of any flu-like symptoms, clammy skin, or sweatiness occurring regardless of air temperature or physical exertion.

8. Chest Pains

Image of man holding chest.

The biggest and most well-known symptom is the uncomfortable sensation in one or both arms, jaw, neck, shoulders, or chest. In men, this symptom refers to the most important early signs of an impending heart attack that should not be ignored. On the other hand, it affects only 30% of women.

Try These Simple Exercises 3 Minutes Before Bed to Slim Down Your Legs

Is your list of New Year’s resolutions so long that you maybe forgot to include an exercise routine? If so, don’t fret—just 3 minutes of light training a night can help you start 2018 on a healthier AND skinnier note.

The exercises that we are going to go over today focus on leg-slimming, something that we can all use after a particularly glutinous holiday season filled with Christmas cookies, pumpkin pie, and way too much eggnog!

Perform these simple movements, developed by celebrity fitness guru Tracy Anderson, 7 days a week for the next 90 days, and you’ll start seeing that yuletide flab turn into bikini-ready muscle. Here’s how to get started…

Work the front of your thighs

Start off by lying with your back facing down to the ground on a flat surface. Bonus points if you have a yoga mat or towel.

Relax your arms by your sides with your palms facing down. Next, slowly raise your legs until they reach a 90-degree angle, making sure that your tailbone stays on the floor. If you are not flexible enough to comfortably do this, do not bend your knees! Instead, bring your legs down closer to the floor.

Once you’re in position, engage your thighs as well your core and bend at the knee so that the tips of your toes reach for the floor under you. Alternate between legs and do 10 reps per side. When you are finished, do NOT lower your legs to rest.

Work the backs of your thighs

Begin in the “start” position. Perform the same exercise as the one listed above, but this time do it with your feet flexed and knees slightly bent. Again, do 10 reps per side. If you perform this movement correctly, your heels should either be reaching for or completely touching your buttocks.

Next, go back to the “start” position with your knees slightly bent and raise your lower half towards the ceiling, taking care that you are lifting from your buttocks and that your palms are planted safely on the ground. Ease your tailbone back down to the floor and repeat 20 times.

Work the inner parts of your thighs

Go back to the “start” position, but this time, keep your legs straight up in the air. Cross your right ankle over your left with your core engaged and your thighs pressed firmly together.

Next, bend your knees so that your thighs end up parallel to your chest. Do this movement 10 times on each side.

This is a great exercise plan for beginners or folks who simply are low on time—everyone has 3 minutes a day to take care of themselves! If at any point you decide that you are ready to either add more time or amp up the difficulty of your workout routine, check out these comprehensive leg exercises.

Here’s to a year of strong, lean legs and more time spent with loved ones!

woman sits on bed with sleeping child

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this 3-minute leg-slimming workout. Have you tried this routine before? If so, were you happy with your results? Do you have any fast and effective leg exercises that you would like to share?

The Way You Sit Can Say a Lot About Your Personality

Crash courses in reading body language give us the basics like understanding crossed arms, hands in pockets, or averted eyes. While your mood can affect your gestures and how your body speaks, there may be something deeper going on too.

Take things a step or two further and body position patterns can reveal certain personality traits. If you kept track of your body language movements from head to toe, you’d probably notice that there are some quirks that you do on a regular basis. But today, we’re looking at the legs and how you sit.

Psychology experts who have looked at sitting positions believe that how you sit shows something about your personality. Today, we’re looking at five of those seated poses that examine how you position your legs and feet.

Knees Together, Feet Spread:

This position indicates you have a charming and personable nature but may be childish at times. You don’t always like to address problems and either ignore them or place them on the back burner. A glass-full type of person, you tend to see the positive in a situation. You are also very creative.

Legs Crossed One Over the Other:

You like to see things through, especially your own dreams and ideas. You are highly creative and very social, enjoying lots of friendships with different types of people.

You are a wonderful, insightful conversationalist, but underneath that is also some insecurity. Because you love to travel, it’s not surprising if you prefer to move around a lot. Habitual leg-crossers are also out-of-the-box thinkers.

Legs Spread Apart:

Things might be a little chaotic for you, but in your mind it’s organized chaos that you’re perfectly capable of living with. Staying focused isn’t your strong-suit, whether it’s during a conversation or a task. Drama may have a tendency to follow you but you don’t mind, it only makes you more motivated. In terms of your personal style, comfort is your go-to.

Knees and Feet Together, Facing Straight:

Self-restraint comes easily to these folks, but so does confidence. They are kind and gentle, but also straight-shooters, unafraid to be honest.

These people are also very smart, and tend to shun confrontation of any sort. Instead, they are most comfortable when things are peaceful. One of their pet peeves is lateness, so they are typically punctual and would appreciate if you are too.

Legs at an Angle, Ankles Crossed or Uncrossed

You are very ambitious and will work hard to accomplish your goals, knowing that in time everything will come to fruition. That’s why you are okay with things not being rushed. You’re also a great listener and confidant.

However, you are also very concerned with your outward appearance, and want to look good at all times.

This hides some insecurities which flare up when you are hit with criticism. Your feelings do get hurt in those cases but you tend to internalize it.

You might not even realize that your go-to sitting position is a subconscious action that you do all the time.

These handful of poses only scratch the surface, but you will probably find some grains of truth in their meanings. Have fun checking out your sitting pattern and those of the people you know!


​5 Things That Happen When You Put Your Legs Up A Wall Every Day

For those of you who have never tried yoga but want to, this easy pose may interest you. For those of you who have never tried yoga and don’t want to, you might change your mind!

Used for years by yogis and yoginis, Viparita Karana asana, a.k.a. legs-up-the-wall pose, is getting mainstream attention from running enthusiasts and cubicle warriors alike. The reason? It’s working wonders for tense bodies that need a little rejuvenation.

You don’t have to attend a class or workshop to reap the magic of legs-up-the-wall because all you need is a wall.

There are even some folks making time for it at work. We’re telling you about a handful of its benefits as well as showing you how it’s done. Grab some wall!

Improves Digestion

Movement in the abdomen helps to massage the intestines, which boosts digestion and fights constipation. Your appetite may increase as well due to better (and quicker) elimination of digested food.

Promotes Healthy Circulation

Because this is considered an inverted pose, blood flow increases to the upper part of the body, bringing a rush of oxygen with it. Your lymphatic system also gets a good flush. This helps to reduce swelling in the lower extremities and can assist with blood pressure problems.

Aids in Pain Relief

Working the muscles in the pelvis helps to strengthen the reproductive organs, easing menstrual cramps and symptoms of menopause.

Exercising stiff joints gently with this pose is also beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia. Leg cramping (day or night) can subside with regular practice.

Due to its effect on circulation, this pose also aids with headache relief and prevention, especially those caused by slow-moving blood.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Relaxing on your back with your legs elevated helps to calm your mind and let go. Combined with deep breathing, Viparita Karana helps you to slow down, and lets your parasympathetic nervous system take over – prompting you to r-e-s-t. Best of all, you get to lie there and let your mind drift!

Stretches Hips, Legs, Back

Your calf and leg muscles, hamstrings, and back will all get a good stretch with this pose. So will your neck and hips as you move into and out of the pose.

Over time, it will make your body more flexible and elastic, relieving tension and pain in those areas. Regular practice can also help heal chronic back pain.


Shake Up Your Valentine’s Day Dessert with this Gorgeous Cheesecake Recipe

Of all the desserts out there, few feel as decadent and indulgent as cheesecake. When that cheesecake features white chocolate and raspberry jam, it’s really something special!

That’s what’s coming to us today from You and I Heart DIY, who makes this Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake as a copycat of the Starbucks version.

It’s not only delicious, but beautiful too! Give it a look, then be sure to read on for our written (and translated) recipe.

The video below and the original recipe are in German, but we’ve done our best to transcribe and translate it for you here!

You’ll Need


– 7 ounces (200 grams) graham crackers

– 2 teaspoons sugar in the raw (cane sugar)

– 1/3 cup (80 grams) butter

– 3 tablespoons (30 grams) almond powder (or meal)


– 7 ounces (200 grams) white chocolate, melted

– 4 eggs

– 2 pounds or 32.4 ounces (900 grams) cream cheese

– 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon (125 grams) sugar

– 3 teaspoons flour – 1 vanilla bean

– 4 drops almond essence

– Raspberry sauce or jam

How To Prepare:

Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a medium bowl, mix the ingredients for the crust together, crushing the graham crackers as you do so. Mix thoroughly until you have a crumbly, moist mixture.

Press the crust mixture into the bottom of a springform pan.

Mix the eggs, cream cheese, sugar, flour, vanilla bean, and almond essence together thoroughly in a large bowl.

Add the melted white chocolate to the batter and mix thoroughly.

Spoon half of the batter into the springform pan atop the crust and spread evenly.

Scoop a few spoonfuls of the raspberry sauce onto the batter and spread evenly.

Spoon the rest of the batter into the pan on top of the raspberry sauce and spread evenly.

Using a straw – or another tool you prefer – dot the top of the cheesecake with raspberry jam in circles, with smaller dots toward the center.

Run a knife and/or toothpick through the dots to make a spiral pattern.

Bake for 55 to 60 minutes, until the filling is set. Cool, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 8 hours. Release from springform pan and enjoy!

We also found a similar recipe over on Allrecipes, so check that one out, too!

What do you think? Do you love the idea of a cheesecake that’s raspberry and white chocolate? Have you had the Starbucks version?


Take A Spoon On An Empty Stomach For Seven Days. You’ll Be Amazed Of How Much Weight You Will Lose! (Recipe)

There’s no doubt garlic is one of the most beneficial vegetables on the planet. It’s much more than a condiment that improves the taste of your dishes.

It’s medicine. In fact, garlic has long been used as part of holistic medicine for treatment of numerous health issues.

To reap the most of its health benefits, it’s best to consume it raw.

Health Benefits of Consuming Raw Garlic

It reduces hypertension and cholesterol.

It prevents coronary heart disease and heart attack.

It prevents development of atherosclerosis.

It protects against common health issues such as cold, flu, fever, diarrhea, bug bites, and fungal infections.

It reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis, enlarged prostate and diabetes.

It improves immunity and the body’s ability to remove toxins when consumed on a regular basis.

It stimulates healthy fat loss.

Garlic also combines well with onion and ginger providing natural detox from chemotherapy. It is also highly beneficial for strengthening the immune system.

How to Use Garlic?

Consuming raw garlic is the best way to reap its health benefits because allicin, garlic’s active ingredient, loses its medicinal properties when cooked. What you do is crush some garlic and leave it for 15 minutes before consumption. Crushing garlic makes allicin more bio-available.

It’s also important to know that garlic is best consumed on an empty stomach as a full stomach can’t properly absorb all the nutrients from garlic.

Raw Garlic and Honey

Start by crushing 2-3 garlic cloves then mix them with a tablespoon of honey.

For optimal health benefits including more energy, healthy weight loss and good overall health, consume this mixture on a regular daily basis.

Via healthcorner365.com

She Ate Cucumber Every Day And Then Everybody Noticed That She Has Changed. Here’s What Happened

Cucumbers may be one of the most beneficial vegetables known to man, rich in nutrients which protect you from a number of diseases, including cancer.

Aside from its numerous health benefits, cucumber can promote your beauty as well, it can improve your hair and skin quality, flush out the toxins and rehydrate your body. All you have to do to reap its benefits is to add it to your everyday meals.


Here’s how your body will benefit from this amazing vegetable:

Elimination of toxins & hydration of the skin

In a well-known fact that cucumbers are mostly made of water, 95% to be more exact. That’s why this vegetable is great for deep body hydration.

Plus, it replenishes your body with most of the essential vitamins it depends on for proper function. Cucumber peel is also highly recommended because it accounts for most of the vitamin C content in cucumbers.

Plus, it comprises about 10% of the RDA of vitamin C. But, it’s important to make sure that the cucumbers are organic.

Digestion & Burning fat

By eating cucumbers regularly, you improve your overall health. For one thing, you stimulate your fat-burning metabolism and eliminate extra fat more easily.

Plus, cucumber is an excellent source of dietary fiber and water, which makes it extremely effective in eliminating body toxins.

Bad breath

Bad breath is a common health issue affecting many people. Cucumbers can help you get rid of this easily. What you do is slice a piece of cucumber and put it in your mouth.

Hold it in for about thirty seconds. The strong antibacterial properties of cucumbers will kill bacteria that cause bad breath.

Source: http://www.justamazingrecipes.com

10 Genius Ways To Add More Turmeric To Your Life

By now I believe we all know how health beneficial turmeric is. It promotes your overall health and can alleviate and cure a number of medical conditions. You can find it in almost every grocery store, fresh and affordable you just need to know how to incorporate it in your everyday diet.

But, for someone who’s new to turmeric, it could be a challenge and you might end up with a large piece of root you just don’t know what to do with. But don’t worry, we’re here to show you 10 genius ways in which you can add more turmeric in your life and enjoy every bite of it.

But first things first, if you’ve never used fresh turmeric before you need to know how to handle it without making a mess.

Handling tips

Turmeric will stain everything. Your hands, your clothes, your counter, your cutting board, your grater, and your food processor. That’s why you need to be prepared.

You could buy a designated grater and gutting board for turmeric, I certainly did and it made my life so much easier. Also, wear gloves and an apron if you’re going to grate it. You don’t need to peel it, just wash it thoroughly and prepare it as you wish.

Nutrition tip

The anti-inflammatory compounds in turmeric are more bio-available if it’s eaten with freshly grated black pepper and some type of healthy fat or oil.


Smoothies are great but why not make them even greater by adding some fresh turmeric? Prepare yourself the ultimate anti-inflammatory smoothie by grating a chunk of turmeric root or add the whole piece to a high speed blender. Enjoy!


You can increase the nutritional value of the standard egg breakfast by adding a bit of freshly grated turmeric root. Sprinkle while they’re still cooking and kick start your day with this amazing combination.


Make your salads even yummier by grating some turmeric on top of them. If you’re a fan of carrots turmeric will fit right in with a freshly grated carrot salad.


Prepare a nice detox soup and sprinkle some turmeric on top or if you’re out of time, take a can of soup, add some spinach and turmeric and you’re good to go.


Grate into a healthier spin on coleslaw made with apple cider vinegar and yogurt dressing instead of mayo.


You can add it to rice or quinoa, just grate some while they’re still cooking and enjoy the flavor.

Fancy drinks

Prepare the invigorating golden milk or a turmeric chai tea and start your day full of energy.

Medicinal honey

Honey and turmeric sounds like an elixir of health but why not add some ginger, and black pepper to make the ultimate medicinal mixture. You can use this mixture to sweeten decaf green tea as well as yogurt bowls.


Make a compound butter with a golden turmeric touch.


This one is easy, prepare your favorite meat-curry and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Source: http://www.mindbodygreen.com

This Is The Healthiest Vegetable In The World, But Only A Few Know This!

With its high iron and vitamin C content, watercress is one of the healthiestvegetables on the planet.

It actually provides more iron than spinach and more vitamin C than lemons and oranges. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

But, even though it’s super nutritious, this health-boosting vegetable has become forgotten over the past couple of decades. Watercress was first cultivated in Eurasia, but today it’s grown in different parts of the world.

There’s mounting evidence that this super food can boost your health on many levels. The list of health benefits includes:

watercress fights oxidative stress in the body,

it provides powerful antioxidant effects, ,

it cleanses the blood,

it regenerates cells in the body,

it promotes healthy appetite,

and it eliminates toxins from the body.

This Is The Healthiest Vegetable In The World, But Only A Few Know This!

Many nutritionists recommend consuming this super healthy vegetable in the form of fresh juice, but never undiluted.

As the vegetable is very strong, drinking pure watercress juice can lead to an inflammatory process in your throat and stomach, which is why watercress juice should always be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:5 (watercress juice and water, respectively). It’s also important to know that the juice shouldn’t be consumed every day, but every second day instead.

Watercress juice not only does wonders on the inside, but on the outside as well. In fact, topical application of this juice can treat numerous skin issues, including skin blemishes and aging spots, hair loss, etc.

The treatment is quite simple – just rub the juice on the affected area or make a watercress compress. A compress of crushed watercress leaves is extremely beneficial for reducing the appearance of sun spots.

A number of studies on lab animals have found that watercress extract injected in the body inhibits cancer development and metastasizing. Other studies have found that watercress reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and prevents the development of breast cancer.

Last, but not least, watercress is strongly recommended to heavy smokers owing to its ability to neutralize the negative effects of smoking.


Start by slicing the watercress leaves nicely. Next, clean the affected area thoroughly before applying the compress. You can use some rubbing alcohol for this.

Apply the chopped leaves then cover with clean gauze and secure with a bandage. Leave the compress on from a couple of hours or longer. After removing the compress, wash your skin with cold water. Use this method to treat different skin issues.


Wash the leaves thoroughly. Next, sprinkle the leaves with some salt and vinegar and leave for an hour.

Add some chopped garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and pepper. Make sure you let the salad sit for 3 hours before eating it. This salad is the perfect addition to any meal.

If you found the article helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family. Thank you.

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Eat This Vegetable Every Day and You Will Return Your Vision, Eliminate Liver Fat and Release Your Obstructed Colon

Fruits and vegetables are the pillar of every healthy diet plan and should be an indispensable part of your eating regimen.

They are overall healthy and good for you, but every different fruit or veggie can help with a different medical problem. You can introduce them to your diet in a million different ways, creating healthy and delicious meals in the same time.


Today we’re going to focus on the health benefits of beets, a vegetable that many people avoid, but one that is rich in a number of essential minerals and vitamins. Beets abound in iron, copper, magnesium, potassium and the whole plethora of vitamins B.

Eating beets can improve your overall health but it’s especially beneficial for improving your vision, cleaning your liver and colon and a lot of other health problems. If you’re not a fan of its taste, you can combine it with some other fruits or veggies in delicious smoothies and salads.

Mix it with orange and carrot for example, in the popular juice “3 in 1”, or eat it as a salad, it will provide you with numerous health benefits since it’s a real vitamin bomb! Here’s just a small portion of the things you can improve once you start consuming it on a regular basis.

1.You can improve circulation: Beet generates new red globules immediately and offers a more stable blood circulation. If you suffer from arterial hypertension beets can help you get it under control. Regular consumption of beets can also improve your blood pressure.

2.Boost your energy: In today’s busy world we need all the energy we can get in order to get through our pumped schedules. Drinking beet juice can boost your energy and make you feel refreshed for hours at a time. It’s especially recommended for people involved in strenuous physical exercises.

3.A healthier brain: You can improve your brain function if you consume beet!  It is rich in betaine and tryptophan.

4.Detox your liver: Since it’s rich in betaine it can help you cleanse your liver and keep this organ always active and healthy.

5.It helps with constipation: It’s a rich source of vegetable fiber, so it improves the digestive processes, boosting bowel movement. So if you suffer from constipation beet is the perfect veggie for you.

6.It promotes eye health: Beet is abundant in vitamin A and beta – carotene, and helps you improve your vision miraculously.

7.Heart at 100%: Beet abounds in potassium, so if you have cardiovascular problems you should increase your consumption of beets and keep your heart healthy.

Improve your overall health and resolve any of the abovementioned problems by simply adding beets to your diet!

Source: http://www.homehealthyrecipes.com/